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Are you looking for a dog groomer in Citrus County Florida?

The dog groomers at Dirty Dogs Salon in Hernando Florida have over 25 years combined experience. Our unique setup offers quality dog grooming with individual attention at an affordable price. We only take one dog at a time in our facility, therefore there is no need for cages. This creates a stress free environment for your pet. Our qualified groomers will treat your dog with the same love and attention that you do.

Dirty Dogs Salon is open for dog grooming Tuesday - Saturday (closed Sunday and Monday). Call us at 352-341-0600 to make your appointment for Dog Brushing, Dog Shampoo / Conditioning, Dog Flea Treatments, Dog Nail Trimming, Dog Ear Cleaning, or Dog Clip, Trim & Style. And be sure to check out our monthly Pet Grooming Newsletter for important dog grooming tips.

At Dirty Dogs Salon we only use all natural dog grooming products from Quadruped Products, Inc. The Quadruped Product line is designed, developed, tested, and sold by pet care professionals. Product bases are derived from natural ingredients and are performance-enhanced by use of botanical blends with an emphasis on utilizing the unique benefits of the Mojave Yucca plant.

No cages, individual attention, all breeds of dog, 7 days a week and affordable rates

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